Taking It to the Streets

Typically, we do not have to be asked twice to saddle up. You have somewhere cool to ride, or just somewhere to ride in general and we are typically all in!

Over the years Sidecar and I have learned that every destination can hold a potential ministry opportunity. We call them "Divine Appointments".

Rarely do we stop and put the kickstands down that we are not approached by someone wanting to know what we are doing or needing prayer.

But this is where our ministry happens. We like going to church like everyone else, but we are not called to be there every Sunday. We are called to be on the street and meeting those in need.

Now, don't get me wrong, "Divine Appointments" happen at church too. Just a few weeks back I had gone alone to our local church. My wife was off with our daughter at the grandparents house and I was flying solo. After the service I was walking out of our church and got stopped by a lady. She was looking for a church home and obviously hurting.

She had seen the Biker Chaplain logo on my shirt and having spent some time in our world felt comfortable coming up to ask me questions. She told me of a difficult past and being hurt in other church settings. She cried and wanted to know if our church was a good church that was open to those who had had difficulty.

I was able to minister to her right there telling her about our church, telling her about our ministry and praying for her.

But this happened outside of the church. And I want to tell you about how our God works when we are open to what we teach about ours being a ministry of presence.

You see, not only was I flying solo that day. I was not even where I should have been! I go to the second service. We have for years. Our kids were in the second service during their high school years, so we went then so we could be with them if they wanted to sit with us (which they typically didn't).

No, this day I decided, last minute, to go to the first service. Well, I didn't decide, God lead me to decide. I got there late but made it for the preaching. After a good message I met the lady outside the church, after getting stopped twice by other.

This was a very definite Divine Appointment and a chance at even more street ministry.

When I look back at my life in the Christian community, I can clearly see God's hand at work leading me ever forward into Chaplaincy and my ministry.

I have taught many classes over they years at my church, but I love the one on one I get when I am out and recognized (through a logo, patch or action) as someone that has something greater in my life.

Lord, bring on the Divine Appointments. I will take on the streets, you send 'em my way!