At 6’6” I stand out. Just a bit. Thus, when I am in my “Colors” I become a beacon to those around me about what I stand for.

I wanted it this way. I wanted a ministry that was a beacon to those who were hurting. I wanted a way that, no matter where I was people would be drawn to the cross.

This “beacon” can only be lit by the light of Christ love and without that source of light “I am nothing more than a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal”.

In short as the old saying goes “It is darkest at the base of a light house.”.

I use these metaphors to give you a clear picture that if Christ is not the clear message we send, the clear ember that burns bright within us, then we are hollow. We do not serve as the beacon we were meant to be, in “Colors” or not.

We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of “putting on” Christ only when we are “doing” our ministry. Whether you wear Colors or not we, as Christians, tend to wear our Christianity like a garment.

We put it on and take it off when it suits us. Yet, a lighthouse can be nothing other than a lighthouse. If it is not a lighthouse it is simply a tall structure with an unlit source of guidance at the top and a hollow core. Yes, it may stand for what it once was, and stand against the raging of the sea, but it provides no purpose.

I have been guilty of this. I have allowed myself to put on my cloak of many colors and strode around when it suited me, only to take it off when it did not.

When we accept Christ and our role in the Christian community we are given a guide, the source of that light which lives within us and is an ever-present helper. To think that we can remove an organ when we do not need is as much a fallacy as removing the Spirit when it suits us.

Thus, we grieve the Spirit with our actions and He must either turn aside or be present during our absence. If we are true believers, I think, He is present and one of the many sins Christ had to endure on the cross is heaped further on the pile.

Consider your Christian “Colors” as a tattoo that everyone can see, 100% of the time, emblazoned on your forehead. Ask yourself, is my beacon shining a light to Christ love or to my fallen nature.

Be the beacon.