Road Life

My son and his wife left yesterday to make a two day journey to his duty station to begin his career in the Navy. My pride over his decision to serve our country knows no bounds. As I have said many times throughout life it is my one true regret, not having served. I have the utmost respect for our troops.

However, my son was not looking forward to two days of driving to get there.

Tonight I am on a plane headed to work out of town for the week. I have some of his trepidation, but for a different reason. Traveling by motorcycle or car are my preferred modes of transportation. At 6’6” planes are quite restrictive and even getting up to walk about does little to alleviate the cramps I tend to get. Tonight’s flight is not all that bad even though it is a smaller plane, mainly because it is a relatively short flight.

I think, and read frequently, about taking long trips especially via motorcycle. There is a freedom that can be gained by packing your bike up and just heading out to a distant locaation.

I used to get very hung up on having just the right bike with the right setup to be able to do this. However, having read about people taking everything from a Vespa to a Harley to the ends of the earth, what you ride is really far less important.

The art to traveling, be it by motorcycle, walking or any other mode of transportation is in the going. Rarely are the stories about the destination but about all of the experiences in between.

The Christian journey is much the same although both the journey and the destination hold great significance.

Our job on this journey while we are on the road is to continually point the way to the One who is both the path and the destination.

Thus, every waypoint upon our journey has fascinating people to meet and experiences to have just as long as we are continuing to point the way.

Yet, just like on a long motorcycle trip there are going to be rain days, deep cold or extreme hot. Each is a life experience that God takes us through so that we might help others with our experience when they are dealing with the struggles along the road of life.

Understanding each day is an invitation to journey along the path we have been given to reach other intrepid travelers on or looking for the path.

The fact that that path can be on a motorcycle is just icing on the cake!