More Than We Can Handle

We may often hear “God will never give us more than we can handle”, which I cannot find in scripture. In fact, He will often give us more than we can handle for one very important reason; so that we learn to rely upon Him and not ourselves.

It’s like praying that God will give you patience (He knows I have plenty of times) and then not expecting He will put you in circumstances to grow your patience. He does not grant it, He gives us reason and situations to allow us to develop our weak spots.

I struggle with fear and anxiety and I am realizing that this is a chance for my faith and trust to grow in Him. I desire this greatly, and far too often I fall back into my instant need to “fix” the situation as opposed to allowing myself to grow in faith and trust in the perfecter of our faith.

How can God help perfect our faith if He does not give us circumstances for said perfection.

We, ok I, slip into the fixer mode and start looking for how I can come up with a solution to the problem, fear, anxiety I am dealing with.

God is waiting on me to fall back into His arms and provide a chance for me to grow in my faith and trust.

Thus, the feeling of being overwhelmed or backed into a corner may be His way of moving me out of “me” mode and into “Him” mode.

We know, intrinsically, that we cannot fix others. We can come alongside them and be a help to them, be compassionate to their hurting, but unless we are professionals in the needed field we are there just to minister to them in their times of need.

Our job is to be there for them, to show Christ love and walk beside them through the trouble. Ultimately, fixing is Gods venue. He is the Great Physician in every possible way. I have seen and heard of so many instances where God has provided supernatural healing of both body and mind. Deliverance from every form of worldly issue.

This is God showing us that He is bigger than our issues…yea, the ones that are more than we can handle. The ones that require divine intervention. He leads us here to let us see that, like Peter, we of little faith must be reached out to before we sink. And guess what, Christ ALWAYS reaches out. Steadies us and pulls us up from the water we are sinking into.

34 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?’ – Matthew 14:34.

This is not to say that the difficulty is past. We are still standing on the water, in the middle of the storm next to Him, probably holding on for dear life. Putting myself in Peter’s sandals I would have probably jumped on Jesus’ back, not just held His hand!

What God is asking us to do is to have faith in Him in the middle of the storm. Yes, He has the ability to calm the wind and the waves, but He is giving us the ability to grow “in Him” not apart from him.
Peter could have begun swimming desperately back to the boat, which is what we often do. But Christ reached out and took hold of him and lifted him up, taking control of Peter’s situation not the storms.

Once Christ reached the boat, helped Peter get back in, did he calm the storm.

The time on the water was the time for Peter (us) to grow in our faith and trust. Once we have done so and been led back to the boat, God calm the storm. We first have to recognize our lack of faith and begin to grow, before God “may” remove us from the stormy situation. He is saying “I got this” you just need to believe through the storm.

We typically just want God to take care of our storm so that our situation improves. But if we have not found our way to the boat, and the storm rages, then he wants is to wait patiently on Him. To know that He is there for us no matter what.

The boat awaits.