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Ministry is Not For The Faint of Heart!

This is a slightly modified (my modifications in italics) reprint from an article by Jared Moore, pastor of New Salem Baptist Church in Hustonville, KY,  on the web site "The Aquila Report" ( Published September 15th, 2013; The blessings of ministry far outweigh the realities below; however, ministry is definitely not easy. Don’t waste your time and money going to seminary...

Road Life

My son and his wife left yesterday to make a two day journey to his duty station to begin his career in the Navy. My pride over his decision to serve our country knows no bounds. As I have said many times throughout life it is my one true regret, not having served. I have...


At 6’6” I stand out. Just a bit. Thus, when I am in my “Colors” I become a beacon to those around me about what I stand for. I wanted it this way. I wanted a ministry that was a beacon to those who were hurting. I wanted a way that, no matter where I was...

Taking It to the Streets

Typically, we do not have to be asked twice to saddle up. You have somewhere cool to ride, or just somewhere to ride in general and we are typically all in! Over the years Sidecar and I have learned that every destination can hold a potential ministry opportunity. We call them "Divine Appointments". Rarely do we stop...


Our material speaks frequently about the need for showing respect in the biker community. This is both a protocol issue and, to be quite honest, a Christian issue. Over the years I can tell you that I have often felt less than an acceptable level of respect from people. Sadly, quite often that lack of respect...

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