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Biker Chaplain Training Material Introduction
In addition to the Basic course, there is a Biker ministry 101, which addresses the basics for the beginner in motorcycle ministry. 

The curriculum, when absorbed by a participant, enables the volunteer chaplain to deal with his or her experiences of being on front lines of service in practically any environment, and helps them embrace the pastoral, prophetic and priestly roles of a chaplain. Required training for each student includes 30 hours of basic curriculum, plus 12 hours contextual training. Cost of the program is $125.00, which includes the workbook,  a Certificate of Completion from

In a first meeting with potential volunteer chaplains in a classroom setting many may lack understanding as to how they will use the HOM training, but all feel that they are being led by God to participate. Obviously, some of this uncertainty comes from a limited knowledge of all that chaplains do. Most are amazed when they learn how much of life chaplains are involved in. 

Following completion of the course, most participants are warmly welcomed into their church and community, where they are quickly plugged into serving in various venues. Some of those areas, but certainly not all, include: ministries for senior adults and senior adult daycare centers; crises management; hospice providers; funeral homes; law enforcement agencies and fire departments; hospital, mental health, public health and addiction rehab facilities and programs; jails and prisons; Head Start, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity; public and private schools; homeless shelters and food banks; and social service agencies. The HOM Volunteer Chaplaincy Ministry serves anywhere people are in spiritual need, whether people or in or outside the mainstream of society.

Hands On Ministry Course Details
This material will give you a solid foundation for meeting people where they live and in their times of need, being “Christ with them” and providing a Ministry of Presence.

This course was developed in conjunction with working Chaplains from many facets of Chaplaincy and over a number of years. The material is roughly 30 hours of training covering elements of Hands on Ministry like;

  • Who is a Chaplain?
  • Healthy Self-Helping Others
  • Establishing Authentic Relationships
  • Learning to Listen
  • Using the Incident Verbatim
  • Families at Risk for the Helper
  • Abuse and Addictions for the Helper
  • Red Flags in the Helping Process
  • Issues of Aging in the Marketplace
  • Stages of Grief
  • Ministering with Terminally Ill Persons
  • Ministering with Families Touched by Death
  • Sharing Christ in Context of Ministry
  • Chain of Command
  • Acceptance without Compromise
  • Helping the Staff when Crisis Comes
  • Please Understand Me! (DISC Personality Inventory
  • Understanding and Developing Relationships and Resources

Biker Chaplain Course Details

  • Biker Kulture – Understanding Biker Mentality
    • Introduction – Biker 101
    • Overview - General Biker Community, Bikes & Club Classifications
    • Serious Bikers/Groups – Iron Horses Not Drug Store Cowboy’s
      • Patch History
      • Events – Bikes, Babes & Booze
      • 100%
  • Christian Kulture – Understanding Christian Mentality
    • Newly Faithful and Completely Lost
    • Navigating Christian Organizations - More Dangerous Than a Biker Bar
    • Brother
    • There are Brothers and there are BROTHERS (NEW)
  • Biker Chaplain Kulture – Your Calling
    • Biker Ministries – A study in true diversity
    • Chaplaincy – A Common Understanding
    • Catching A Vision
    • Biker Chaplaincy
    • Biker Chaplain Standards
    • On The Road
      • – 4 Spiritual Laws
      • Tracts
    • Spiritual Warfare
    • God Given Appointments
    • Livin’ It – Higher Expectations
  • Kultural Ministry – Biker Chaplain Presence Ministry
    • Your Ministry Development – Actually Becoming a Chaplain
    • Conclusion


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